Sunday, August 24, 2008

Craig's TOY

After some persuasive negotiation between my wife and I, our family has been blessed with a new baby boy - a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 motorcycle!!! Talking to Todd was my ultimate downfall. He told me how much he liked his '02 Ninja and after looking for a deal close to Rexburg (still had to drive to Boise - 3.5 hr drive one-way) day and night, it was inevitable. A man needs speeeeeeed. NOW all the brothers need to do is plan a trip next Summer in Colorado for some fun in the Rockies. Tony might like the name of the color: Bronco blue w/ orange. This little baby gets 60mpg and pushes the 90mph barrier like white-on-rice. It's an amazing little bike for a 250cc. My excuse to Nina was that I needed some 'company' while she was away visiting her family this month. By the way, check out the red-line on the tach! WweeeeehhhaaaaaAAA!
One of the motorcycle shops in Rexburg hosts a "anyone with a motorcycle" ride every Thursday at 6pm. I went this past week and there was 24 of us! There was wind gusts up to 38mph but man was it worth it! SACRIFICE BABY! It was a good way to meet other biker dudes and feel like your special, even if you're riding a 250cc:)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Riley will be one in just a couple of days. I was thinking about the past year. Here are things that I remember.
I remember being so tired during the labor and delivery, that is an understatement. However, Craig was more tired then me. He dozed off while I rested between contractions. Craig got a little teary eyed after all was said and done. That was a special moment.

I also remember the mid wives shooting the breeze b/t each other or with Craig. Here I was working the hardest I have ever worked and the mid-wives were talking about getting pictures taken after I finished. They judged I would be finished in time for there photo shoot. Glad I could be so thoughtful.

I was so tired that I didn't want to do it any more. I just wanted Riley to come on his own. But the finial push finialy came with me griping Craig's shirt with one hand and focusing only on him. I was determined to be finished. I had had a enough. I don't remember any pain during the delivery, too tired to care.

During the first four months I would prefer labor to nursing Riley. It was so hard to nurse him every 3 hrs. and then hold him so he would sleep. Now I choose nursing to delivery.

Riley loves to hold my hair for comfort.

After the first four months, time began to fly by fast. Rolling over, talking, and crawling. So much in so little time. He insists on crawling through our legs by ramming his head over and over again against our legs until we spread them. Riley loves to dance. He dances to the radio, TV or when Craig and I sing to him at night. He will even dance while I am nursing him.

When I was still pregnant, I craved dirt and chalk. Living in dry hot Idaho didn't help. I never ate dirt or chalk instead I collected rocks. Almost every day I went outside to the railroad tracks and collected rocks.
When I take Riley outside he refuses to crawl in the grass. Instead he stays only on the side walks and playes in the rock beds that surround our apartment. He does love the slide and swing. He likes to eat broccoli.

We love him very much!

Who does Riley look like more?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Drink anyone

Craig and I like to watch Project Runway. A reality show where undiscovered designers compete in different challenges. This dress is made completely out of plastic cups. Amazing!! We also like to watch a marathon of Star Trek:TNG on Monday nights. Don't worry we still have FHE.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flippn' Sweet

We visited Preston Id for the Napoleon Dynamite festival. We missed most of the actives but did get to see the winner of the Moon Boot Dance and Impresonationcontest. Here is the winner.
Does anybody recognize the farmer in the picture. Yep! He shot the cow. Dale (I think its his name) absolutely loved Riley. In fact he just about grabbed Riley out of my arms.