Monday, June 7, 2010

"Are you joking?"

King of the Mountain!!
Never thought I could love a car so much.
What were we thinking?!
It was worth it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We went on a little vacation this past weekend to Pocatello. It was fun to get away from Rexburg, and responsibility. We swam in the Hotel pool, went off roading (yikes) and walked through a small zoo.

Riley really liked the pool. "Shwim" "Shwim" every five minutes. He only liked to play on the stairs, or riding on mine or Craig's back. Oh, and splashing Eliza.

I thought that the driving trails in Pocatello would be like in Rexburg. Nice and flat. Boy was I wrong. Pocatello is at the foot of the Rockies, there is not flat land. I thought this little trip would be ok to do on Sunday not stressful, just a nice car drive. The trails was in Blackrock and Chinese Mountain WMA. (Mountain wasn't enough of a warninig of what was to come.) The farther we went the steeper the trail become until I thought the Isuzu was going to flip backwards or on its side. Of course it didn't but it sure felt like it. There wasn't even trees to block the view of how steep we were just miles and miles of sagebrush. There were screaming, crying and nauseous tummies. That was just me. Everyone else was laughing. Craig laughed because it was fun and he was nervous, Riley laughed because Craig laughed and Eliza laughed because Riley laughed. I was the only one having a anxiety attack. By the time we reach the ridge line, I was physically spent. (I also hiked up one of the hills and record Craig driving. Eliza was on my back in a hiking pack. Riley was smart he didn't want to walk he wanted to ride.) I was beautiful once we reached the top. I have never seen Idaho so green. The rest of the off-roading trip was fun once I relaxed a bit. The trail was steep but part of my fear was having the kids in the car and "what if" something happened. I've heard it said that God protects Fools Children and the United States. We had all three in our corner. Heavenly Father sure knows that I was praying the whole time.

Monday we went t the zoo. Riley wasn't very interested in some of the exhibits because the animals were asleep. He really liked the petting zoo. He loved feeding the goats, donkey's and cows. He spent 20mins there. It was a wonderful vacation. I never want to take a vacation that will take away time I spend with my family or stress me out so bad that it is not fun. Any vacation that is full of distracting noises, flashing lights or pulls a family in too many directions is damaging to the family is in direct contrast to what Heavenly Father wants for my family.

I have no idea how to put a movie from Picasa on the blog. When I learn you'll see what we saw.