Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Swartz Christmas

CHRISTMAS (better late than never right?...)

There's a reason we turned the comments part of our blog off... we're complete slackers when it comes to keeping this page up-to-date-oh. The month of January has been wonderfully insane and perfectly joyful! Craig is currently taking one class right now that would other wise be unavailable for him to take in the following semesters. The college has made an exception and allowed him to have "Continuing Education" status that he has graaaacciously except-ed. He is overly excited and enthusiastic about graduating in the next year with his bachelor degree.

Nina has been busy packing up our belongings in high quality cardboard boxes donated by Erickson's Pontiac GMC dealership (Craig's place of employment) and then unpacking them at our new location...across the street. She recently attacked her husband in the middle of the night when exposed to a bad dream where her shoulder blade was being pinched by her attacker [Craig], but otherwise is doing quite well. Nina continues to be an ever hard-working and wonderful mother to her son Riley.

Riley is drooling, alot, and spits after drooling, thereby soaking the front of his shirts. He is beginning to sit up on his own and has a addictive personality that is best expressed when meeting and interacting with people (he's always sweet talkin' the nurses). Riley enjoys grabbing mom's hair and sucking on it, watching people drink tasty beverages, and making random, halarious mouth noises. He is our little wonderful!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Uncle Barry Visits

Nice and Warm. Ready for Church!

Yikes! Wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley.