Thursday, April 9, 2009

It is ok to starve the child but not the fish.

Yes, I recommend starving your children.
I say that tongue in cheek,I will always take care of my children. However, not giving Riley all the juice or milk he wants to allow him to feel hungry is the best thing I have done. Riley would always eat a good breakfast but very little at lunch and dinner snacks were non existent. Why? I prayed for inspiration and the answer, which was right in the front of my face, became clear. I was giving him too much to drink during the day. When the rumblings were beginning in his tummy 'drink' was how he solved the problem. Now, I limit when and how much liquid I give him and he eats so much better. One night he was so hungry that the small hamburger and handful of fries didn't have a chance. Last night he ate broccoli with cheese and bow tie noodles. I like Riley small but my little 'pint size prince' needs to grow some before his little sister gets here.

Blood worms anyone? How about mosquito larva? That is a Betta fish's food of choice. Alpha Henry, the Betta fish, joined our family last week. He is dark blue with a little red on his fin. Craig has been wanting to buy a bigger tank (three to five gallon)so Alpha will be happy and the special food for him. This is one fish that will never be unhappy or hungry.

P.S. Julie
I like the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What I like to do

I wanted to talk about me for a minute and how I like to spend my free time. Craig likes to play his video games. I've tried and don't find it fun. It is boring playing first person games unlike games like Rock Band. It's more interactive. What I do like to do is read. Currently, I have been reading books about the golden age of Dutch art. Out of all the art movements I like Dutch art the best. Now I don't understand and at times don't care about the techniques involved in art this is purely a historical study. The Dutch artists are realist, painting what they see. I like being able to look at a picture and explore my own feelings and not have to guess what the artist is feeling.