Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eliza is 10 months! She has grown twice as fast as Riley did. Not crawling yet but sure is trying. She can now push herself backwards. Riley is now trying to use the potty. He does well getting to the potty with no accidents. The boy has a memory like a steel trap. He listens to the primary CD during the day and at night. He begins to sings the songs from memory in no time. His favs are Follow the Prophet, Listen Listen, I know my Father lives, I Hope They Call Me on a Missison (which he began singing during Sacrament Meeting) and of course Pop Corn Popping. He says his own prayers that I can never understand.

Craig works, comes home and works some more. He is just about finished with his little red scooter. He is receiving a calling soon... We'll see on Sunday what it is. He bought more three more fish and a little frog which I found dead today. Poor little thing. We didn't get to name him. He is now receiving more responsibility at work by helping with closing the store.

I am giving a talk Sunday. It has been three years since my last talk. I was pregnant with Riley and had just moved to Rexburg. It would be poetic if we moved out of Rexburg after my talk. I don't mind staying in Rexburg a little longer. It's a wonderful family community. Where else in the country do are there public meetings on how to combat pornography and people actually attend. Where else gets regular visits from prophets, and apostles. Having the temple 2 mins away isn't bad either. I not saying I want to live here forever, but if the Lord wants us here longer that's alright by me.

I'm babbling aren't I. I have become embarrassed about writing on the blog. That and I have less time to do write now. Riley thinks he must be on the computer all the time. He can turn on the computer, get on the Internet and find PBS kids home page by himself. Then he'll sit and play for an hour. He learned just by watching me. He is one smart kid.