Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello All

The blogg "Daddy and Riley" is a school project. Daddy is trying to spend more time with Riley. Check it out. Riley likes it. He is always looking for Daddy to rough house with. When I tell him Daddy is at school, I become the target. Last night he used my hair and pregnant belly to try and climb on the back of the couch. My pint size mountaineer. This ended in tears for the both of us. When I finally have this baby and can run around with the little guy, he'll think he has a new Mommy.

Look how Riley has changed!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Three weeks and counting

Craig and I are scared, or as he puts it "in denial" about having a new baby in the house. He said I need to have it right on the Fourth because of the long holiday weekend. I'll work on that. I am already nervous enough about labor but shows like TLC's Baby Story doesn't make it any easier. I never watch the show, but every time I flip pass that channel it is on and the woman is usually in labor. It was even playing in the midwives' office one day. They should be more careful, they just might have their own baby story. I really don't want to watch that for entertainment. What woman in their right mind, who is pregnant, would want to watch that show.
I am looking forward to the way I felt after Riley. Not just the loss of weight, but something even more special. I felt the biggest natural high I had ever felt in my life. I felt strong, even though I was tired, I felt very confident. In reality I couldn't go run a race (I couldn't get out of bed without fainting) but I sure felt like taking anyone on who got in my way. I was also in the mood to talk anyone's ear off who happened in the room. I actually felt kind of silly talking so much.
Riley likes to swing Simba or Waffles (the cow). He'll probably like to swing his sister too.