Saturday, October 9, 2010


Went to West Virginia for my Great Grandma's funeral. The only grandparent I had the pleasure to know. I have come to the conclusion that funerals are long and I don' want one. A grave side service is enough for me. Of course by that time I'll be dead and really won't care. Funerals are for the living anyways. I got to see my family. I hand't seen them in 2yrs. It was so nice to be around them again. Nana would have liked that. I miss them already.

Cousins: Wesley, Hailey, Jacklyn, Riley, Abby, Isabella and Eliza
The Fam: Julian, Nikki, Amber, Nina, John, Della, and John

My not so little, little Brother Julian. (13yrs.)
Trouble comes in threes.
(they are all close in age with Riley being the oldest)