Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby, Baby

Went to the doctor's today. I heard the baby's heart beat and heard it kick. The baby didn't like the midwife pushing on my belly. It kicked the microphone a couple of times and kept moving around to avoid the microphone. We find out in Feb. what we are having. I want to know this time. I feel that it is important that we find out. I want one less thing to wonder about. I lost five pounds since my last appointment a month ago. No worries since I was not able to eat much for a month and a half. I am definitely making up for it now.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't worry were not dead.

I haven't been able to update our blog lately because I have been having major morning sickness. I could not keep anything down after I ate breakfast. I couldn't take care of my son or my husband. Thankfully the Relief Society chipped in babysat Riley and cooked meals for Craig. I finally asked the midwife for some meds. I feel so much better being able to eat and take care of my family. We think its a girl because this pregnancy is a lot different then Riley. I have felt the baby move (I think) so I guess she has survived the first three months. (I am 11wks along) Craig finished his finals and did wonderful. He is getting As and Bs. Such a smarty. I am very proud of him. He is working hard to support us. Early morning custodial,his regular job at Erickson's and side work on other people's cars. Not to mention taking care of me and Riley while I was sick during finals week. He has been able to keep up because the Lord has blessed him with a strong healthy body. Craig deserves a big kiss and much more. Riley is still tiny but learning fast. His relationship with Craig has improved a lot while I was sick. He was able to play with his daddy. Riley also signs more words like red, dog, sleep, baby, please (sometimes)and bird. Some of the words he doesn't quite know what they mean unless I do it first. He does recognize a dog and then signs dog, the same thing with baby. He loves his Dr. Sesus's ABCs and his puppy book. When ever he sees hot food he decides he must blow on it to cool it down. Its not spitting either, he actually blows air out his mouth. I tried to get him to blow in my harmonica but he didn't understand that. He thought it was funny when I did it. He is very ticklish too. He fakes cough and laugh to get our attention. He has also ate out of the trash can a couple of times when I am not looking. Usually its his old cold cereal nothing dangerous. He also likes to sleep on his stomach with his butt in the air. Sometimes his face is smashed into the side of the bed. Eating is his favorite past time. It finally snowed in Rexburg. Life is slowing down for awhile and it is almost Christmas. Time to take a big deep breath and let it out slowly. We survived one more semester and a few more months in Idaho, we can six more months. So excited to see family in a week.