Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Up date

Eliza and Riley are doing well part from a cold. Eliza figured out how to clap her hands. She also actually plays with toys, something Riley rarely ever did. He still doesn't play with toys much. Riley loves the ipod and playing PBSkids games on line. He knows how to get on the computer and find his games. He also likes to play the games on lds.org. They both get excited when I turn on signing time. Craig and I are doing well. We went to Jackson Wy, a couple of weeks ago. I thought my head was going to explode as we travel through the Teton pass. That's one impressive mountain. Other then that we haven't did too much but watch movies. We miss family and hope some day we can move closer to both sides. I didn't have much desire to move close to family until Craig's graduation. Seeing both parents reminded me how nice it is to have family close. Some day we'll be close.
Eight months old!
Modling the new cloth diapers.
Hold Me! Hold Me!
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