Sunday, July 12, 2009


We lost all the pictures of Eliza in the hospital. Sad I know. These were taken on
July 11.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Eliza Revisited

After looking at Barry and Margo's blog and my friend Arianna's blog, I feel a little nicer now. I'll give some more info on the birth. It only lasted about 4hrs compared to Riley's 14 1/2 labor. Eliza was in a hurry. I woke up at 2:00am worrying over Michale Jackson's kids (heaven knows why) and feeling rather bad. I wasn't even sure it was contractions until Craig ask if it could be. Sure enough he was right and they began to come very regularly. I told him after and hour that I wanted to push and we rushed to the hospital. The pain was so intense and quick I even asked for an epidural, but I am so thankful for the mid-wife for stopping the nurses so she could check and see how far along I was. The epidural would have been usless. About 15min after that I was pushing away. The pain is not that bad when I push. I can handle that, it is just very hard work. I'll leave out the other gory details.

It was wonderful to have Craig there with me. Poor guy, he was more worn out then I was. He also had to look after Riley. We had babysitters but it was Craig's job to make sure Riley was taken care of. It took Craig the whole weekend to recoupe. Emotional stress tires him out physically. It was touching to see him get so emotional while I was working. It is nice to know that he cares about me so much.

I am doing really well. My body is bouncing back very fast from this labor. Eliza is still strong and eating well. Right now all she does is sleep. Her personality is different from Riley's also. A lot more calm. People ask me who she looks like, I tell them she looks like her brother. Riley loves her. He wants to hold her and kiss her all the time. He pushes her in the swing, and tries to share his sippy cup and food with her. If she is up and not eating he wants to hold and kiss her. I hope this lasts. Most times Riley doesn't mind me holding Eliza as long as he can play with my hair.

I promise more pictures are on the way.

Here is Eliza

Born on July 3 at 5:54am 8lbs, 12oz 21 inches long and 141/2 in head, 14 in chest. Been rather busy with school and babies. Also, it is hit and miss with our internet service. The blog was not that important. Yes, I know the picture is not rotated.

We have two lap tops. The better pictures of Eliza are on the new laptop which Craig uses at school. These pictures will have to do for now or at least until Craig gets home.