Monday, November 2, 2009

Run Craig Run

Sprit week at BYU-I hosted a spirit relay race. Alumni invited to take part.
Before the race.
Craig's leg of the race was sprintting.

After the race. Craig said he thought he was going to pass out but he did it. I was in the car where it was warm. Riley was turing in to a little ice cycle so we didn't get to see Daddy run.

Thanks Maw Maw Della

Riley's pumpkin

Riley likes to drawl, paint or color. His pumpkin looks like it ran face first into a rainbow.

Riley smiles

If Riley can see himself in the camera window, he will smile. If not he has the dear in the head lights look.


The kids were both Gnomes. Riley had a beard but it didn't make it trick or treating. Riley caught on to saying "Trick or Treat" and Thank-you at each house. Eliza slept the whole time.