Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lava Rock Adventure

We went to Hell on Saturday...Hell's Half Acre that is. A Lava Trail system.

Hell's Half Acre is made up of three trails, two developed one primitive. We hiked the primitive one. The poles marked the "path", or more like the general direction to follow.

Since there wasn't a designated path, hikers can explore anywhere they want. Craig took full advantage of that. The little white speck is Craig and Riley at the bottom of a large sink hole. Sometimes I just had to look away so as not to totally freak out. It takes a lot to get me to freak out, but watching Craig climb over or in things or jump over cracks made my heart stop.

We didn't expect the large cracks. Needless to say, Riley stayed in the backpack until we found a safer place for him to walk around.

Didn't want this happening to Riley. Super Dad saved Riley's toy.

Riley loved exploring the rocks.

Eliza slept the whole time.

The hike was a lot of fun. The day was overcast and not hot at all. Perfect for hiking.

Riley's Birthday

We took Riley to the zoo for his birthday(the big 02) on Thursday the 20. We let him walk the whole time which he just liked better then the animals. Riley liked the animals that were more interactive, not the ones in cages. On his birthday we had cake and opened gifts. Over all we had a nice birthday.

He just ate the icing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Home sweet Gnome

Craig and I will be in Rexburg for awhile longer. Craig found a job at the Rigby NAPA store. He will be trained as an Assistant Manager. One step up his ladder of success. That is how I see it others may disagree. I am now the proud owner of an Idaho licence, guess it is official.
Yesterday, I looked at Craig and said I am a very boring person. In the next sentence I told him I thought that Eliza was a gnome who lived at the foot of the Riley tree. He laughed and said that I was no where near boring. Apparently, I put strange things on our blog. I have no idea what he is talking about. I think everything I blog about is completely normal. Makes sense to me. My mom tells me all the time that I am strange. That may be why I don't talk in some social situations, I have no idea what the other people are talking about. Below are Eliza's gnome pictures.
Thanks Aunt Julie for the towel. Don't I look cute.

We have had family visit the past 2 1/2 weeks. It has been so nice to see family in Idaho. I have enjoyed the extra help with the kids. First Mom and Dad Swartz came for Craig's graduation. Glad they came to share that important even with us. My mom and Julian (brother) have been with us for two weeks. They leave tomorrow. I'll miss them.